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Skeeter Davis ~ The End of The World (1962) Mp3

This song by "Skeeter Davis" was released in 1962 and only reached number 18 here in the UK charts, but it done much better in the U.S,reaching number 2 on

The End Of The World - SKEETER DAVIS - With lyrics Mp3

I ♥ Oldies The End Of The WorldSKEETER DAVISWith lyrics Sorry, there is a mistyping for 'sea'. Why does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to

Skeeter Davis ~ End of the World Mp3

Recorded on June 8, 1962 at the RCA Studios in Nashville, produced by Chet Atkins, and featuring Floyd Cramer on piano. "The End of the World" peaked in

The end of the World - Skeeter Davis (Fallout 4 Release) Mp3

Confirmed in Fallout 4

Skeeter Davis - The End Of The World (1963) HQ Mp3

This is about the saddest vocal song I know ... sung by the late, great Skeeter Davis. The saddest instrumental hit, in my opinion, was Floyd Cramer's "Last Date"